Monthly collection of apps for macOS from my telegram channel for July 2020. Here you will find a brief description of useful applications for your favorite Apple computer.

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In today's selection:

  • GitPigeon (notifications from GitHub)
  • (VPN)
  • Stacks (alternative to Trello)
  • Heads Down (switch to do Not disturb mode when you start the IDE)
  • PingPlotter (visualize network)
  • TeamSpirit (time control for video calls)
  • Smart Scroll (scroll tuning)
  • The Vault (safe data storage)
  • Unreplied (don't forget to reply to messages)
  • VEEER (Windows ordering tool)
  • Meeter (links to all video calls in one place)
  • Claquette (to record screencast)


GitPigeon displays notifications from GitHub in the tray macOS.


In many countries the government blocks access to seemingly innocuous resources. Sometimes, on the contrary, the developers closed their services for users from certain countries. Today almost everybody knows that words like VPN, Proxy or anonymizer. In this article I will acquaint you with Russian VPN, which is perfect even for inexperienced computer users.

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Stacks — easy to use task Manager that helps you to display them on the Board.

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Heads Down

Heads Down automatically specifies the start IDE and includes a built-in do not disturb mode in macOS.

Supported: Code VS, Sublime Text, XCode, IntelliJ IDEA, Figma, Sketch.



PingPlotter will help to visualize the quality of the network between different nodes, which will help to optimise work and resolve problems.



TeamSpirit will help to control the time video meetings to stop talking is not the case.

You can use the utility to track the current time of the conversation, remaining time, the ratio of talking-listening.


Smart Scroll

Smart Scroll helps to fine-tune the scroll work on macOS.

For example, you can increase the smoothness, or configure Autoscroll.


The Vault

The Vault — secure storage of information and files with the ability to sync between devices.

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Unreplied displays in the system tray all the unanswered messages in iMessage. Even those you read, but let me know.



VEEER — software for macOS that adds a long awaited feature organize Windows on the desktop using the keyboard.



Meeter automatically collects all meetings in apps for video conferences and helps to join the call in one click.

Supported: Zoom, Hangouts, Webex, MS Teams, Google meet, Jitsi, Ring central, Amazon Chime, GoToMeeting, GoToWebinar, BlueJeans, 8x8 and BigBlueButton.

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Claquette is a tool to create screencasts with the ability to edit third party videos and convert them to GIF.


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