Monthly collection of apps for iOS from my telegram channel for August 2019. Here you will find a brief description of useful applications for your favorite Apple smartphone.

In today's selection:

  • Alfred (to make surveillance camera from a smartphone)
  • NotePlan (advanced scheduler)
  • KeePassium Password Manager (KeePass client)
  • Threema (secure messenger)


Alfred android app

Alfred turns a smartphone into surveillance camera.

Just install the app on your phone and you will be able to view video and record video even remotely.

Supported 24/7, activate when driving, the siren and many more.




NotePlan is a calendar, a planner and a notebook in one program. It is available for macOS, iPhone and iPad.

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KeePassium Password Manager

KeePassium Password Manager is an iOS application for KeePass.




Unlike other messengers, this app hasn't a free version. To start using it, you firstly need to pay at least 2$. But you don’t need to buy a subscription, create group chats and communicate there. Also it has web-version.

A feature of Threema is its 100% privacy. Even when registering you do not need to use a personal number, mail or social network. Two keys are created for you, first public and second one private.You can also create several passwords and add a code word. It is advised to use a QR code to add a contact.


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Pasta — a clipboard Manager for macOS

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